Dino Dig Sensory Box

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Each sensory box includes everything you need for creative play PLUS a two week curriculum to download and use along with it!

We have taken the guess work and planning out of homeschooling, and created a toy your child can continue to play with and use for months to come!

In the curriculum, you will get a welcome letter, a resource page with recipes, a list of additional supplies you may want to use, and online resource links for further learning.

You will also get ten days worth of lessons for you kids. You can stretch these out over two weeks, use them every other day, or even just use them when you want!

Some of our very littlest children may not need the entire days worth of curriculum for one day, so you can divide it up further and use it over the course of an entire month or more!

Every day the child will be able to hear a story, learn a fun and short little poem, have some sort of nature and outdoor activity, participate in a reflection with their parent, enjoy some hands-on work, and do something purposeful around the house.